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Roof Coating

Roof Protection

Roof Coating – Roof Guard

Roofguard, which is made of a formulation that provides excellent performance for years, is a durable roof coating for rooftops that not only protects, but also beautifies, tiles by giving them the appearance and colour of a brand new roof. Available in solvent-based and water-based formulas, Roofguard also comes with many other benefits.

Roof Coating - roof-moss

Roof Coating - roof-moss AFTER

Benefits of Roofguard Coatings

• Micro-porous and weather-proof
• Extremely durable
• Colour-fast
• Resistant to acid rain and alkali
• Resistant to lichen and moss growth
• Adds more value to any property

Description of Roofguard

Your house is going to more than likely be the biggest investment you’ll make. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to want to protect its value and keep it looking like new.

A major part of making a house look great while also protecting it from the elements and from damage lies in maintaining its roof, especially because roof tiles are continually bombarded by weather and can become more porous as they age. Over time, damage to your roof can also result in the growth of lichens and moss. This growth damages the tiles’ surface further and deteriorates the overall appearance of your roof.

Roofguard is the ideal solution because it provides a new splash of colour and immediately improves the overall appearance of your roof, all at a fraction of what it would cost to have a new roof installed.

Installation Process

Prior to using Roofguard, our workers will thoroughly inspect your roof, making sure that all damaged tiles are replaced. We also provide re-pointing on ridges, gables, and hips.

The roof is then pressure-cleaned. All lichen, moss, and undesirable residues are removed. We clean out gutterings and protect surrounding areas to prevent contamination during application.

After the roof has been thoroughly prepared, the primer coat of Roofguard is applied. This will bond to the tiles to form a solid foundation. The second coat is then applied, completing the job and leaving behind a roof that’s protected from the elements and looking like new.

Before and After

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-1

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-1

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-2

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-2

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-3

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-3

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-4

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-4

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-5

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-5

Roof Coating - Roofgard-Before-6

Roof Coating - Roofgard-After-6

Finishes and Colours Available

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