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Clear Wall Coating

Clear Wall Coating – Protect Your Walls

Clearshield is in high demand because it’s a protective wall coating that’s clear, micro-porous, and completely versatile. It effectively covers and protects any porous surface, including brickwork, cement render, and stone cladding, deeply penetrating in order to prevent fungal growth and development of algae. At the same time, Clearshield provides protection from damp that would penetrate walls. And the best part is that Clearshield is totally invisible once it dries, so your property can still have the attractive appearance of stone cladding or brickwork.

How it Works

After it’s applied, Clearshield provides protection by becoming a part of the exterior surface. It fills in all of the surface pores using a substance that’s water-repellent, so any water that hits the exterior will bead. This prevents the walls from becoming saturated and prevents damp from affecting the property. And it does all of this without changing the overall look of the surface, no matter what type it is. It also doesn’t affect the breath-ability of the surface.

Clearshield is able to last longer than other surface treatments commonly used because it isn’t affected by erosion or surface abrasion. This means your investment will be worthwhile and you’ll enjoy the protection provided by Clearshield for many years.

Clear Wall Coatings
Clear Wall Coatings
Clear Wall Coatings

Clear Wall Coating Benefits

  • Insulation and protection from heat loss
  • Prevention of penetrating damp
  • Prevention of frost attack
  • Aids in the prevention of efflorescence
  • Halts discoloration that would occur as a result of pollution

Water Repelling

Clearshield is a colourless, silicone-based wall coating that’s also water-repellent, so it can protect concrete masonry and stone against rainwater that would penetrate and deteriorate the property. This coating doesn’t discolor or stain existing substrate, and it provides protection against UV damage. It’s also able to keep dirt and grime off an exterior, thereby making it maintain its new appearance for years. When it comes to wall coatings for all porous, absorbent materials, including concrete, stone, and brick, we rely on JAG Pro-Clear.


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