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If you’re looking for a trusted and reputable wall rendering service in Wakefield, JAG is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience behind us in the home improvement sector and are dedicated to offering a dependable service to domestic and commercial property owners. If you live in or around the area of Wakefield and have damaged walls, peeling paint, penetrating damp or loose pebble dashing, we have a service for you. Below is a brief overview of our experiences with each of these problems, alongside how our team can give you a hand.

Below are a number of reasons why our customers choose to use our Exterior Wall Rendering services

Do you have damaged walls?

Damaged Rendered Walls

Over time walls can begin to deteriorate and crumble, especially if a traditional sand and cement render was used on your property. When this render starts to crumble, it usually forms gaps and cracks in which moisture can enter the inner stone or brickwork. If moisture does manage to finds its way through the original stone or brickwork of the property, you may face a number of problems such as strange smells and heat leaks. It is very important that any damaged render, cracks or gaps are repaired in due time.

Is your existing Pebbledash falling off?

Damaged Pebbledash Render

If you’re the type of person who loves the look of a traditional pebbledash finish but have begun to get fed up with constantly sweeping up pebbles and other debris from the perimeter of your home, it might be time to look at alternatives. Here at Jag, we provide two comprehensive services to anyone that thinks their Pebbledash property needs some tender love and care:

At JAG we have two main options for clients wishing to cover up their traditional pebbledash or Tyrolean surfaces.

Option 1 – Bagging and Wall Coating

Bagging is a procedure in which the existing wall is covered with a slurry mix to stabilise any loose pebbledash. This mix will also fill any gaps within the pebbledash that have been formed by stones falling off or cracks appearing. When this slurry mix is dry, the wall can be given a finish (Which either be a smooth layer of paint or a more textured coating if you desire).

Option 2 – Two Coat Polymer Render and Wall Coating

Similar to the previous method however 2 layers of Render are used instead of a slurry mix. The first base includes a mesh for further stability and the second layer of render is used to conceal the mesh. The second layer leaves behind a completely flat surface that is ready to receive a finishing coat (Again, this final coating can be smooth or textured, it’s completely down to you!).

Do you have surface cracks and peeling paint?

Flakey Paint on Rendered Walls

If your property, like many others, was painted using a standard masonry paint, then you’ve likely noticed it beginning to peel a few years after application. In this time, you may also begin to see cracks appearing on the surface of your walls. We offer a complete patch and repair service in which we will remove all peeling paint and bad render from your home or commercial building. All of the removed materials are then replaced with a high-quality alternative. We can also give the wall a final coating when everything else is complete.

Do you suffer from penetrating damp?

Penetrating Damp

If moisture has made its way into the foundations of your home, you may start to notice a variety of symptoms such as odd odours and stains appearing on your walls. Usually moisture enters the building via a cracked surface or weathered render. Jag Wall Coatings offer a variety of services to help anyone experiencing penetrating damp in their house, we also provide protective services to ensure penetrating damp will not affect you.

Approved Wethertex Installer

We use the highest quality products from a local business when working on your property. The main brand from this group of products that we use is called Wethertex. It includes a variety of Renders, Primers, and Performance Wall Coatings. that have all been rated very highly by our customers throughout Wakefield and surrounding areas.

Wethertex GRC Polymer Render vs Traditional Sand and Cement

At JAG we choose to you use Wethertex GRC Polymer Renders rather than traditional Sand and Cement. The main reasons for this are GRC or Glass Reinforced Concrete Renders contain fibres and are designed to cope with all types of substrates while giving greater adhesion, meaning they last longer and are less likely to fail. They are extremely flexible and are virtually crack free.

In addition to this, traditional Sand and Cement renders are usually applied 10-15mm in thickness. They take a lot of time to be applied and generally will crack over time. They are usually painted and over time the paint will peel resulting in you constantly having to re-paint the surfaces to look like new.

What’s next?

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