Step by Step Process of Application
Step 1 : Power Washing

Water is applied by pressure spray onto the outside walls. Years of soot, mould, algae and loosely adhered paints are removed by this process making any damaged render or brickwork apparent.

Step 2 : Applying a Render (Optional)

Due to the conditions of some surfaces a render is required. This is applied using a trowel and fills in any cracks or blemishes to prepare the walls for coating.

Step 3 : Masking & Priming

Once all the cracks in the render and other similar surfaces are made good, all doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas are masked up with tape and heavy duty paper. Great care is taken to protect plants, bushes and lawns.

Step 4 : Restoration & Preperation

On rough surfaces such as pebbledash, stucco, badly pointed brickwork etc, polymer modified cements are used for repairing. This ensures a perfect bond, prior to the application of our products

Step 5 : Final Application

Applied by specialist spray equipment, the top coat is sprayed onto the surface using up to 1000 lbs of pressure. A coating up to 20 times thicker than conventional paint is formed which combined with the textured finish helps to conceal any repair work that has been undertaken.

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