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Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing Solution by JAG Wall Coatings

Damp can be divided into three main categories that include penetrating damp, condensation, and rising damp. Each type of damp comes with its own challenges, and a different treatment method is also required to get rid of each type. At JAG, we offer damp proofing services to get rid of existing damp and prevent future damp from invading your home or place of business again.

Penetrating Damp

This type of damp is the result of defects within the structure of a building that end up letting water penetrate the walls. Cracked rendering, poor plumbing, or leaky gutters can all contribute to penetrating damp. Environmental conditions that can’t be controlled, including long periods of strong winds and heavy rain, can also contribute to this problem.


This type of damp can happen anywhere in your building. It can also be found at any height, as long as there isn’t enough ventilation and airflow. High humidity levels contribute to condensation. Common signs that you have a condensation problem include mould, such as black mould, and steamy windows.

Rising Damp

Unlike condensation, which can be found at any height, rising damp is only found along the ground level and up to around 1 metre above ground level, but not more in most cases. Tide marks that appear on your walls are a clear sign that you’re dealing with rising damp. Other signs include spoiled render or brickwork on the exterior of your property, as well as plaster that’s crumbling or bubbling.

Getting Rid of Damp

Failure to get rid of damp once you see the signs of it can result in further damage to your property. Everything from your brickwork to your timbers and plaster will become increasingly saturated with moisture, and these damp areas will become more obvious as more plaster starts bubbling and crumbling before more tide marks and mould become evident. Timbers will also become more susceptible to pest infestations and rot. The longer you wait to get rid of damp, the more damage will occur, and the more costly the repairs will be as your property deteriorates.

Damp Proofing Solutions

JAG Wall Coatings offer a variety of damp proofing services that are effective, industry-approved solutions carried out by our trained and experienced experts. We can provide a variety of treatments that include removing contaminated debris and applying exterior wall coatings to prevent future damage from damp.


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