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If you are looking for an easy way to make a big difference to your home, a resin wall coating could be the answer. Resin coatings are chosen for a huge number of reasons, and the benefits they offer should not be underestimated

By choosing a resin wall coating for your house, you will:

  • Damp proof the exterior
  • Get a self cleaning finish that is easy to maintain
  • Allow your walls to breathe
  • Protect your home from mould and algae
  • Get a lasting, great looking result in a colour and style that suits your taste

If you want to preserve the appearance of an existing finish, like stone cladding or bricks, you can use a clearshield transparent coating that won’t hide it, and still get all the other benefits.

The benefits of wall coatings don’t stop at making your house look great, though. In addition to their ability to make your house look fresher and more appealing (including to buyers, should you be thinking of selling), they also offer a lot of protective advantages that will help preserve the health of your home and the people who live in it:

  • Wall coatings damp proof the outside of the property
  • They are also resistant to algae and mould
  • Walls can breathe, thanks to micro pores in the coatings

Wall coatings can make your home look beautiful from the outside, and can even add value to your property, as well as making it more appealing to buyers should you wish to sell in the future. You can cover a tired looking exterior, mask any blemishes, cracks or other problem areas, and keep your outside looking clean and fresh.

Wall coatings are available in a wide range of attractive colours, so it is easy to match your own style and the way you want your property to look. Whether you want to get a complete new look for your home or renovate an old, faded finish, wall coatings are an easy way to do it, and they don’t fade or deteriorate in appearance over time in the same way as paint.

If you prefer the look of your current finish, but want the protective and cleaning benefits wall coatings offer, you can also choose a transparent ‘clearshield’ resin coating, that will allow you to keep the look of bricks or cladding while still protecting your home.


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