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Exterior Wall Coatings Hull

Exterior Wall Coatings Hull – Protect Your Property

Wall coatings are a great way to improve your home. They offer advantages both in terms of how they look, and in practical terms when it comes to protecting your house.

As a specialist wall coatings company operating all over the UK, including the Hull area, we are able to help if you are looking for information about wall coatings and their benefits, or if you are interested in getting exterior wall coatings on your own property.

The benefits of using resin based wall coatings are significant, and can help you keep your home looking good with far less effort than other ways of decorating your exterior walls.

Resin wall coverings form a breathable but resilient coating on the walls that is:

  • Protective from external damp
  • Self cleaning
  • Preventative of mould and algae growth

This in itself helps you keep your home in good condition and stops you getting issues with damp and mould (which can be a real pain to get rid of and can be harmful to your building and in some cases, even your health).

However, there are further aesthetic advantages to using exterior wall coatings, which are:

  • You can choose from a wide range of colours
  • Colours won’t fade from exposure to the sun or cleaning
  • The coating can mask any cracks or other problem areas on the external walls
  • You get an attractive, lasting, uniform finish

If you don’t like the idea of a coloured finish, you can also use transparent ‘clearshield’ wall coatings that can protect your walls in just the same way as coloured ones, but won’t change the look of the material underneath, meaning you can keep the look of brickwork, stone cladding or other finishes while still making walls easier to maintain and well defended from damp and mould.

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