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Wall Rendering Leeds

Exterior Wall Rendering – House Rendering Leeds

JAG is a professional rendering contractor offering house rendering in leeds with a reputation for providing high quality work. As a Wethertex Approved Installer, we only use the finest materials from one of the leading brands in exterior rendering and coating products. We have over 25 years’ experience in rendering homes and businesses throughout Yorkshire.

Below are a number of other scenarios that people come to us with:-

Are your walls showing their age? Over time traditional Sand and Cement render can deteriorate and start to crumb. Cracks can appear which allows moisture to accumulate behind the rendered surface. When this happens, the render will start to crumble and can often lead to exposing the original brick or stone surface. Exposed bricks are very porous and will lead to penetrating damp issues. It is vitally important that you ensure your home is protected by repairing any damaged render so you do not have any exposed brick or stone work.


Traditional Pebbledash render has been very popular over the years, but more and more customers are asking for solutions to repairing or covering up their old pebbledash surfaces. Usually, the main complaint is that cracks have appeared, or the pebbles are loosening and falling off, resulting in the customers having to sweep up around their property time and time again.

At JAG we have two main options for clients wishing to cover up their traditional pebbledash or Tyrolean surfaces.

Option 1 – Bagging and Wall Coating

Bagging is a term used to describe a procedure that offers a cost-effective way of stabilising your existing pebbledash walls in preparation for the application of a wall coating. This involves applying a slurry mix of render and brushing it on to the walls ensuring that it completely covers the surface and gets into all the existing cracks and holes. Once dried the walls are ready to receive the final wall coating which can be textured or smooth.

Option 2 – Two Coat Polymer Render and Wall Coating

This option will give a perfectly smooth finish which is achieved by using two coats of render. The first base coat is applied along with mesh to add extra stability to the walls. We then apply the second coat (finishing) to the walls, to cover the mesh and leave a smooth surface ready for the final wall coating. This can be applied via a spray or roller, depending on the product and final texture required.

Rendered walls are usually painted with traditional masonry paints which will only last a few years before they will start to peel and look unsightly. Couple this with tired and weathered rendered surfaces and you are left with walls in a sorry state and in need of some tender loving care. We can offer a number of solutions to resolve these issues which include a patch and repair option. This is where we identify all the bad areas of your property and remove any loose paint and render. We then replace these areas and ensure that the surface is ready for the final wall coating.


Penetrating damp is usually caused by moisture making its way through your exterior walls. You will usually find that the areas of your home that are suffering from penetrating damp are usually areas with issues on the external walls such as blown, cracked or weathered render. It’s extremely important to address any unsightly cracks on your walls before they open and let the elements in. Once the damp has made its way through the various skins of your home, it will take a long time to dry out, so prevention is the key.


A great way of improving the value of your home and increasing the sales appeal is to either update or transform the exterior walls with render. We regularly receive enquiries from people with traditional brick properties and existing render properties that simply require an update. Sometimes these properties have other issues such as cracks, blemishes and damp, but occasionally all the client wants is to improve the exterior aesthetics of their home. Rendering and Coating the walls will create that “wow” factor and will certainly increase the value of the house.

Approved Wethertex Installer

Here at JAG, we use a widely recommended GRC Polymer render which is reinforced with glass, giving it maximum durability and protection from the elements. We choose a GRC render known as Wethertex – it allows us to support local businesses while also offering a very reliable product at a cost-effective price. This render lasts much longer than traditional sand and cement render and is virtually crack free. It can also be applied to virtually any surface, including brickwork, concrete blocks and even insulation boards. Our team of professionals can take care of everything, from the initial preparation of the wall to manually applying the render and finishing coats.

Wethertex Approved Contractor

Wethertex GRC Polymer Render vs Traditional Sand and Cement

At JAG we choose to you use Wethertex GRC Polymer Renders rather than traditional Sand and Cement. The main reasons for this are GRC or Glass Reinforced Concrete Renders contain fibres and are designed to cope with all types of substrates while giving greater adhesion, meaning they last longer and are less likely to fail. They are extremely flexible and are virtually crack free.

In addition to this, traditional Sand and Cement renders are usually applied 10-15mm in thickness. They take a lot of time to be applied and generally will crack over time. They are usually painted and over time the paint will peel resulting in you constantly having to re-paint the surfaces to look like new.

Why choose us?

With over 25 years’ experience offering rendering and wall coatings, we have worked on hundreds of properties ranging from small exterior garden walls to million-pound mansions. We pride ourselves on our reputation and strive to ensure all customers are happy with our products and service.

All our rendering work is finished with a Resin Based Wall Coating. This coating is a water-proof membrane that seals the exterior walls and eliminates the chance of penetrating damp while still allowing your walls to breath. Being made from a mixture of Resin and Pliolite, the coating is lightweight but flexible with great adhesion qualities, providing a longer lasting solution when compared to traditional masonry paint. We offer a no quibble 15-year guarantee on all our Exterior Wall Coatings, backed up by a super after sales service from Wethertex.

We offer a FREE no obligation home survey service. Our surveyors are on hand to offer professional, honest advice and ensure that we offer the right solution for your problem. We do not employ “pushy” salesmen and are confident that due to a combination of price, product and reputation you will make the right choice when it comes to selecting a rendering contractor.

We are a proud member of Checkatrade and have an excellent rating over there. All Checkatrade members are vetted and all reviews are verified so you can rest assured that if you choose JAG for your rendering work, you will be in the hands of an honest, reliable and trustworthy contractor.

What's Next?

If you find yourself with problems such as Penetrating Damp, Cracks, Blown Render or would simply like to update the exterior of your home, fill in our quote form below with as much detail as possible. If you could provide a picture of your situation, please do so as this will greatly help the surveyor to assess your problems. Once we receive the enquiry, a surveyor will give you a call to discuss your problems, do some fact finding and either provide a quote subject to survey or arrange to visit you at the earliest convenience. Your enquiry is extremely important to us and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.


If you would like to find out how much it will cost to render or wall coat your property, please fill in the form below with as much detail as you can to assist our surveyor. 

We generally try get back to people ASAP within normal office hours, so rest assured we appreciate your enquiry.