Exterior Wall Coatings Derby

Exterior Wall Coatings Derby

Exterior wall coatings made of resin are becoming more and more popular as a style of home improvement.

This is because there are few things you can do to your home’s exterior that can have as much of an impact on the look of your home, and can offer as many practical benefits.

As a nationwide wall coating specialist, we have helped many homeowners, including those in the Derby area, gain all of the advantages of a good quality resin wall coating.

If you are looking to discover these benefits for your own home, we would be delighted to answer your questions and help you make the best choices!

Whether you are concerned with renovating the look of your external walls to refresh you house’s appearance, or you want to protect your walls and reduce maintenance, a resin wall coating is a great solution. Some of the main reasons for this are:

  • It will damp proof the outside walls
  • It stops algae and mould growing on them
  • It gives a breathable finish
  • It reduces the need for cleaning to keep walls looking great
  • It allows you to choose a colour that you love, or use a clear coating to retain the look of brick or stone clad walls
  • It will cover problem areas such as cracks, blemishes and stains

Wall coatings also give really long lasting results. While other ways of finishing exterior walls are prone to fading, staining and becoming duller over time or as a result of washing, resin coated walls don’t do this, so your chosen colour stays true and your walls look clean and well maintained for decades.


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