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20% Winter Sale

Exterior Wall Coatings by JAG

Winter Sale – 20% off – February

JAG Exteriors are now offering a 20% discount on all orders placed before the 28th February 2015. The offer is available for all our Exterior Wall Coatings and Damp Proofing Products in the winter sale.

Benefits of Our Wall Coatings

  • Penetrating damp solution
  • Mould and algae resistant
  • Self-cleaning, no fuss surfaces
  • Covers unsightly cracks and blemishes
  • A wide range of colours to choose from to match any property owner’s needs
  • Helps to improve your properties value

Types of Wall Coatings

JAG Exteriors Ltd is proud to offer a variety of different types of wall coatings to suit every individual property. Below are the major categories to choose from, along with the benefits that each type of wall coating provides.

Smooth Wall Coating

  • Applied in two thick coats using a roller
  • Suitable for textured, rendered, and flat surfaces
  • Flexible and able to withstand movements
  • Economical and Durable

Fine Wall Coating

  • Primer base applied prior to spray application of wall coating
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Covers minor blemishes
  • Comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Coarse Wall Coating

  • Primer base applied prior to spray application of wall coating
  • Matches existing Tyrolean exterior surfaces
  • Covers major blemishes
  • Comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Trowel Wall Coating

  • Applied to exterior surfaces using a roller and trowel
  • Application can either be light or heavy
  • Covers heavy blemishes
  • Comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Again, all of the exterior wall coatings we provide come in a range of colours and budgets, and they’re appropriate for residential homes and commercial buildings. For more information and details, read our Finishes and Colours page. We also offer a Clear Wall Coating solution to provide further protection, especially to older buildings. Visit our Clearshield page for more information on the benefits of this additional service.

Contact us today if you would like to take advantage of our winter sale and learn more about how wall coatings can benefit your property. You can call or email us to speak with an expert who can provide you with answers to your questions and a free quotation on a product that would be right for you.

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