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Exterior Wall Coatings Nottingham

As home improvements go choosing to deal with your homes exterior is one of the largest projects you will undertake. For that reason you should consider using a professional and experienced company to undertake the work.

At JAG Wall Coatings we have over 25 years experience improving the exterior of hundreds of properties across the UK.

Before After Wall Coatings NottinghamWall Coatings Nottingham

The Benefits of Choosing a Wall Coating

15 Year No Quible Guarantee

Wall coatings give a much longer lasting pristine look

The colour you choose won’t fade

No cracks or chips

You have a huge choice of colours

Affordable alternative to Colour Render

Adding a resin exterior wall coating can be a great approach to improving your home, both in terms of how it looks from the outside, and how easy it is to maintain that look.

As well as looking good, wall coatings also protect your wall from exterior damp, and make it resistant to mould and algae growing on it.

These can be annoying problems that are hard to fix when they take hold, so this is a huge benefit for many homeowners.

When it comes to appearances, wall coatings can literally transform the look of your house. If you want to restore a tatty looking exterior to its former glory, or give your home a new colour, a wall coating is an easy way to do it, plus:

  • Colours will not fade with time on the outside of your home like paint does
  • Wall coatings are self cleaning, so your walls will look pristine rather than becoming grubby looking after time
  • Wall coatings are able to hide cracks in the wall and other blemishes that can otherwise ruin your house’s look

Applying a wall coating can even add to the value of your home, and if you are looking to sell, it can be an appealing feature for potential home buyers.

We are a specialist company offering exterior wall coatings, and we are operational all over the country, including in Nottingham and the Midlands as a whole.

This means if you are looking for wall coatings for your Nottingham property, we are able to help!

Exterior Wall Coatings Nottingham

We offer affordable wall coatings in a huge range of colours and styles, and work nationwide, including in the Nottingham area. If you want to hear more about how a wall coating can refresh your home and protect the building, please give us a call right away to talk to one of our helpful advisors.  If you need reassurance that JAG Wall Coatings are the right contractor for you, take a look at our 5 Star reviews on Google, Facebook and Checkatrade