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Terms and Conditions

JAG Wall Coatings – Terms of Business

JAG Wall Coatings will supply all relevant access equipment, except scaffolding, where necessary to enable the installation to be carried out; JAG Wall Coatings will carry out the above specifications as detailed. No verbal agreements will be relied on.


The Company will do all that is possible to make any date given for delivery and/or installation of the system and will make every effort to complete the work on time


The company cannot, however, be held responsible for delays due to weather or circumstances beyond its control, in this case, the company will complete work as soon as reasonably possible.


The applicator will not make contract Prices; however, any significant changes to the specification will not be carried out except with the full agreement of the customer.

Outstanding Balances

Any balance outstanding after seven days will be charged at 7% above the Barclays Bank base rate unless prior arrangement has been made with the company.

Additional Work

Any additional work requested by the customer, and which is not specified in writing within this contract, will only be carried out if a new contract is entered into with the company.


No contract is guaranteed unless full payment is received. The guarantee will be issued seven days after completion. Once you have signed this contract, it will be accepted by the company.


If after the acceptance the contract is cancelled by you, you must pay for all losses and costs suffered because of the cancellation. The company reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before installation, in which case all deposits will be returned in full immediately.


Please note, Outbuildings, Chimneys and Garden Walls are not guaranteed

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted




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