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Here at Jag Wall Coatings, we are dedicated to improving the properties of homeowners and business owners throughout Derby and surrounding areas. We can perform many services that will greatly benefit your home, such as wall rendering and roof coating. With a large variety of coatings and finishes to select from, we are confident that we can match your desired style perfectly.

Below is an overview of the services we offer to houses that have visible exterior damage such as cracks, peeling paint or diminishing pebble dashing.

Below are a number of reasons why our customers choose to use our Exterior Wall Rendering services

Do you have damaged walls?

Damaged Rendered Walls

Wall damage occurs to most properties during their lifespan, especially in areas prone to bad weather. Not only does this look unpleasant, exposed brickwork can also create a handful of problems as rain is allowed in to the walls. JAG Wall Coatings is here to help transform your home and get it looking as good as new. Give us a call today and we can help to ensure that your property is protected by repairing all cracks and damaged render.

Is your existing Pebbledash falling off?

Damaged Pebbledash Render

Over the years we have come in contact with many customers that are facing difficulty with their pebble dashed homes. Whether the pebbles are gradually becoming loose or there are visible cracks in the pebble dashing itself, JAG Wall Coatings are more than happy to lend a hand. We provide 2 primary options for anyone that needs help with their pebble dashing:

We offer two preliminary services to anyone facing difficulty with their pebbledash property, which are:

Option 1 – Bagging and Wall Coating

By using a slurry mix, JAG can help to ensure that all gaps and cracks are filled and flattened out. Once the slurry mix has set, an additional layer can be added to create a smooth or textured finish, depending on your preference.

Option 2 – Two Coat Polymer Render and Wall Coating

This option will leave a perfectly smooth wall and is becoming increasingly popular with modern properties in the UK. The initial coat is added alongside a mesh to keep the walls secure. A second coat is then applied to cover up the mesh and give a smooth surface that a finishing coating can be applied to. There is a huge selection of finishes available, these can be sprayed to your property or added via a roller.

Do you have surface cracks and peeling paint?

Flakey Paint on Rendered Walls

A standard wall render is usually coated with a masonry paint which will only last a few years before begging to peel and flake off your property. If the render also begins to show sign of wear and tear, it can leave your home looking rather unpleasant. JAG Wall Coatings have 20 years of experience repairing exterior walls and deploy a number of strategies to give you a home to be proud of. We can identify all the of the damaged areas on your walls and replace any loose paint or render. Each wall is then ready for a final coating to be applied.

Do you suffer from penetrating damp?

Penetrating Damp

Fixing the damage caused by penetrating damp can be a costly and long process, which is why prevention should be a major focus. As soon as you spot a crack in the paint or render of your property, you should address it and arrange to have it repaired before damp has a chance to infiltrate. Here at JAG, we offer a comprehensive service to either remove the damp already situated in your walls, or damp proof the building to ensure that unwanted elements never enter.

Approved Wethertex Installer

Here at JAG, we use a widely recommended GRC Polymer render which is reinforced with glass, giving it maximum durability and protection from the elements. We choose a GRC render known as Wethertex – it allows us to support local businesses while also offering a very reliable product at a cost-effective price. This render lasts much longer than traditional sand and cement render and is virtually crack free.

It can also be applied to virtually any surface, including brickwork, concrete blocks and even insulation boards. Our team of professionals can take care of everything, from the initial preparation of the wall to manually applying the render and finishing coats.

Wethertex GRC Polymer Render vs Traditional Sand and Cement

One of our favorite and most used products from The Wetherby Group range is their Wethertex GRC Polymer. As opposed to using traditional sand and cement renders, the GRC (Glass Reinforce Cement) contains fibres that are designed to cope with all weather conditions. They last much longer than traditional renders, while also being incredibly flexible and practically crack free.

This special GRC Polymer Render can be applied to almost any surface, including concrete blocks and insulation boards. It offers a protective layer to the exterior of your property while providing a handful of other benefits such as increased insulation and damp proofing – Not to mention, it also looks great!

What’s next?

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